"We develop lucrative deals so that our capital partners can make safe and consistent profits."



At Texas Oil & Gas Management  we work for you to find cash-flowing deals with big upsides. We specialize in oil and gas deals in the Midwest USA. We operate numerous producing assets and are constantly acquiring new projects. We have a great management team to navigate this highly complex but lucrative environment. We have offices in New York City, Oklahoma, Texas, and ZhongShan China, this allows us to merge NYC style finance with Midwestern style oil & gas deals.


Investing in oil & gas wells in the United State is simple and easy. Anyone with $50,000 USD can invest directly in to oil & gas assets and own a piece of American heritage. Direct participation through working interest partnerships gives the investor all the tax and legal benefits of an oil company. Furthermore unlike most investments, oil & gas ownership can be split up in to thousands of pieces and passed down to an almost unlimited number of descendants, so that you're entire hereditary lineage can benefit from something you created.


Have you ever heard of "buy low, sell high"? Oil & Gas is at its lowest prices since the 90s (adjusted for inflation), and there is a real limit to how low prices can go and stay there before they must rebound. Now is the time to get in to the biggest money making industry in the world, the energy industry. Global population is predicted to increase to 9,000,000,000 (billion) people by 2050, and all of those people will want to drive cars, fly planes, sail boats, and use plastics, and millions of other products made from petroleum. Oil & gas is here to stay as the undisputed king of energy and manufacturing production. The next big energy boom is just around the corner, so contact us now, we can help you be a part of it.


Our Mission Is To:

Develop lucrative oil & gas projects so that our capital partners can make safe and consistent returns.

  • Provide a highly secured and lucrative ROI
  • Create win-win scenario for our partners and customers
  • We seek out local emerging markets and profitable opportunities
  • We adapt to our economic environment

Business approach:

At Texas Oil & Gas Management we always look to develop new relationships with a oil companies, banks and capital partners. Because of this we get inside deals before they hit the public market. We pride ourselves on our integrity and our long standing relationships with all of our partners and coworkers. We offer safe deals with realistic returns ranging anywhere from 10-20% annually  depending on the asset class, risk and time frame. In many cases we tailor each portfolio to cater to our partners needs. We strongly believe in preservation of capital, so we emphasize having essential reserves and insurance in any deal to mitigate market fluctuation and human error risks, as well as to provide peace of mind for our partners.